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Writer on beer, football culture and Blackpool FC.


“As a Blackpool exile I really appreciate all you do Jane, I think I’ve said it before but the way you write I feel I’m sat next to you, it’s brilliant.”


“Fantastic stuff. Sums up being a football fan perfectly.”


“Oh how I wish I had found your article before having to read the hundreds that I have. This so well written and self explanatory. Thanks.”

Clyde Bohinc

“The line about the officious steward is a modern classic.”


“I really enjoyed reading this and you’ve just inspired me to go an buy my season ticket. UTP.”


“Having yet to visit a pub in Walsall after blogging for two years you have sold it to me!!!”


“A great read as always Jane. It’s the detail that I love, particularly the posh culinary stuff.”


“Always appreciate your writing. For those of us stuck in the colonies thank you!”

Nick McCardle

“Great read, great gravy.”


“Cheers Jane – informative read.” 

Andy Higgins

“Very good Jane, always an enjoyable read.”

Kevin Carron

“brill blog as always jane joy and a sprinkle of relief come through in your writing.”

Gary Norman

“Great read about the pain of following a non successful team!”


“An essential read. Thanks for spending all that time pulling it together, appreciate the little details like the vodka menu.”


“Thanks Jane. An idiosyncratic take on all things tangerine but a good read nevertheless. Keep ’em coming.”

Terminally Tangerine

“Thanks for this Jane. I visited Cleethorpes on New Year’s Eve 2016 watching Grimsby v Pool and also loved the place. I met up with a college friend – a Grimsby fan – and had fish and chips in a local eatery. Not sure if it was Steels but it was excellent. Your article reminded me of this good day and encouraged me to return soon.”

Dave Thompson

“A jolly good read as usual.”

Ian Gilpin

“Funny read, glad you enjoyed Cleethorpes.”

Carl Leslie

“Oooooh now I’m hungry!!!”