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A Season to Remember: Chasetown FC 2017/18

Out with the old gaffer and in with the new – 

Scott came with less players than his backroom crew.

We welcomed Coops, Bucko, Harps and Hammy too

And thought some new players were well overdue!

Pre-season began away at Heath Hayes – 

Our first chance to see all the incoming players.

Next stop Alsager then four games at home

Then ended our prep with a trip down to Soham.

The League kicked off with a new team on the park

But a point gained at Kidsgrove saw Chase off the mark.

Jimmy sent off at Worcester and bookings galore –

As many cards flowing as the season before.

It was a one-off though – twas a feisty tie

And Chasetown came through – Pond took one in the eye.

Lost Spencer at home – his Achilles went pop

Then straight after Frickley caught us on the hop.

Little did we know on that sunny day

The snow and the rain would soon set in to stay.

Excitement up front from Will, Muzzy and Cater.

Discipline improving (Danny Cocks comes later).

At home to Sheffield we came back from the brink:

Brought on Wynter, Sedge, Cater and the kitchen sink.

3-0 down with half an hour to go

Then won it 4-3 – go Chasetown go!

A Tuesday at Stocksbridge…well no-one wants that!

Market Drayton again came out of the hat.

In comes the Wing Wizard – hello Danny Cocks!

He’s booked straight away and soon down in the box.

In came the O’Reillys, Tom Urwin and Jack –

Last season’s top scorer – now captain – was back!

In early December, pitch covered in snow

Was the day saw Will crowned a Chasetown hero.

Four hours shifting snow turned the white into green –

Then he played 90 minutes – the man’s a machine!

A 3-0 win at Newcastle away – 

The gaffers old club – well that made his day.

Leek away saw red cards for Cal Lovatt and Will

But with just nine men the Chase won here still.

We got a late winner at Loughborough Dynamo

(They’re named after a Russian team, don’t you know?).

A blip there in March when we were hit for six;

But welcome back Wellecomme – and all hail Saint Nick!

The last away trip was a weekend in Clee:

Another good point from our friends by the sea.

A win over Steels saw the play-offs assured

And a few drinks that night in the clubhouse were poured.

Beat the runaway champions at home – and how!

Dream ended at Bedworth…but only for now.

Those boys from North Staffordshire brought their oatcakes

And smiles in abundance to every Blue face.

The football has been such a joy to behold

And the dressing room’s painted a jubilant ‘Gold’!

The gaffer signed on for another two years

So we know that next season there’s nothing to fear.

We go into the summer with smiles proud and wide

For Chasetown – our Chasetown – a mighty fine side.

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